Sheikh Rasheed predicts ‘earthquake in politics’

LAHORE - Awami Muslim League (AML) leader Sheikh Rasheed yesterday asked the people of NA-122 to vote for Bat, the symbol of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), to get them freed from the slavery.
Addressing the PTI rally at Samanabad Doongi Ground, Sheikh Rasheed said that people must vote for PTI in order to salvage this country. Earlier, as he moved to take the mike and begin his speech, Chairman PTI Imran Khan welcomed him clapping. Sheikh Rasheed said: “I have come to Lahore to ask for justice”.
“Ayaz Sadiq kept my mike off for 2 days and Allah turned off Ayaz Sadiq’s mike off as a result”, said Rasheed.
Sheikh Rasheed said that those who rigged the election against Imran Khan will have to pay back. He said that there will be no place for those who rigged the elections in the history.
Telling Lahore to wake up, Sheikh Rasheed said that there will be no change unless Lahore votes for change. He said that a person, who doesn’t know how to drive, shouldn’t be given the driving seat.
“10 planes of LNG have already arrived and they are saying that LNG price has not yet been agreed upon”, said Rasheed. He said that even his driver pays more tax than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “If Lahore doesn’t vote for the sake of principles, there is no hope for salvation of this country”, said Rasheed.
“Pakistan’s economy has been destroyed. There will be a massive earthquake in Pakistan’s politics in the days to come”, said Rasheed. Concluding his address, Sheikh Rasheed asked people to promise him that they will vote for Bat.
The AML leader warned that the PML-N was set to face what he described as “dhandla” (Something much bigger than rigging_ in the coming days.

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