SIALKOT-For the first time, Punjabi poetry of Allama Iqbal has been displayed at Iqbal Manzil, his birthplace.

Caretaker of Iqbal Manzil Syed Riaz Hussain Naqvi said that most of the people do not know that the Poet of the East had also written several poems in Punjabi too. He added, “Allama Iqbal wrote poems in Punjabi language as well and it would be a great disclosure for the world. Most of the people in Pakistan and in the world do not know about the ‘Punjabi Kalaam” of Allama Iqbal.”

He said, “Initially, we have got only two Punjabi poems of Allama Iqbal titled “Piyaara Jedi” and “Babba Bakari Wala” and displayed at Iqbal Manzil for public view. Allama Iqbal’s Punjabi poetry is rare.”

Allama Iqbal wrote these two poems in 1929 on the 5th birthday of his son Javaid Iqbal on the request of his wife Sardar Bibi. Efforts were on to collect entire Punjabi poetry of Allama Iqbal at one place, he said.

“Punjabi Kalaam of Allama Iqbal is also very fascinating like his Urdu and Persian poetry,” he added. The visitors were showing keen interest in Allama Iqbal’s Punjabi poetry, his personal things and rare books and pictures. The visitors paid homage to Allama Iqbal, saying that they were much pleased to be here in Iqbal Manzil. They said that it was love of Iqbal which had brought them there.