‘World Space Week’ commences at Institute of Space Technology

islamabad - Institute of Space Technology (IST) on Thursday launched a space themed program in collaboration with the National Space Agency of Pakistan (SUPARCO) to celebrate ‘World Space Week’ at its campus at Islamabad. The event will continue till 10 October, 2018. The event will generate space awareness amongst the students from a large number of schools and colleges of the twin cities and surrounding areas besides the general public. The World Space Week began with an elegant inaugural ceremony. Dr Athar Osama Member Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan graced the occasion as chief guest.

While addressing the participants, he emphasized on the importance of research and innovation in the fields of science and technology. He advised students to understand the broader perspective of education. He said educating oneself just to obtain a degree is the narrow version leading to limited progress. “If you aspire to be the leaders in your field you need to develop the broader perspective of educating yourself which includes many dimensions and it leads to enlightenment of a higher order,” he said. Dr Najam Abbas, Director Department of Student Affairs and event head WSW 2018 welcomed the participants and outlined various space themed competitions and activities designed and developed by Institute of Space Technology for the year 2018 world space week.

The theme for WSW-2018 is “Space Unites the World”.  World Space Week (WSW) is celebrated in accordance with the United Nation’s General Assembly’s declaration of 1999. The Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE III) suggested the celebration of the World Space Week. Pakistan is endeavouring to enter into the realm of Space Science & Technology and related applications.

The success of any space program relies greatly on public understanding and support. It is, therefore important to communicate the benefits of Space Technology to the public on a regular basis. Chancellor IST Engineer Imran Rahman and Director General SUPARCO Islamabad Zafar Iqbal were also present on the occasion. 

Following the legacy of past 13 years, and following the theme of Space Technology Education and Popularization, 110 different schools and colleges from the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are participating in over 200 different space themed events and activities of World Space Week 2018 at IST.  There are over 5000 registered participants of WSW 2018 and about 3000 visitors/guests are expected to witness WSW 2018 at IST. The World Space Week competitions and activities will continue till 6th of October 2018 culminating many inspiring space oriented events. The awards ceremony will be organized on October 10, 2018 to recognize the high achievers of World Space Week 2018.

The events and activities of WSW 2018 include, Space Parade, Space In Quran, Spinning Top Workshop, Space Life Workshop, Sports In Space Workshop, Image Interpretation workshop, Remote Sensing Applications, Shooting the Night Sky, Pin Wheel, Sally Earth Kam, Experiencing Space Station, Google Earth Workshop, Navigating Google Earth, Space Siblings, Story Writing, Space Solutions , Space Commercialization, Astropreneurship, Boomerang Wings, Paper Spinning Top, Pin Wheel Design, Painting, Mask Design, Model Display, Space Declamation, Aero modelling, Pin Hole Camera Design, Space Slogans, Drag Chute, Air Crash Inquiries, Space Researcher, Balloon Cart, Can-satellite Workshop, Souvenir Designing, Souvenir Designing, Space Start-ups, Space Mathematical Quiz, Space Tales, ISS Lab Design, Zero Gravity Idea Bank, Sketching, Space Tableau, Space Poetry, Space Spellathon, Visualizing Space Environments, Coin Designing, E-Poster Designing, Essay Writing, Sports In Space, Space Letters, Calligraphy and Moon Cake Bakery.


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