PESHAWAR - South Korea’s Don Jung and Pakistan’s Amjad Aziz Malik Tuesday elected as President and General Secretary of the Asian Sports Journalists Federation (AIPS) Asia unopposed for the third consecutive time in an election held in Rome, Italy. Amjad Aziz Malik is the first Asian journalist to be elected for the third consecutive term. The elections were held in Rome, Italy. Thirty Asian countries participated in the elections. There was a contest for the presidency between South Korea’s Hae Dong Jung and Malaysia’s Ahmad Khwari Isa, but the Malaysian candidate withdrew from the South Korean incumbent, after which Hae Don Jung was elected president unopposed, said a press release. Saudi Arabia’s Adel Al Zahrani Sr was elected unopposed to the post of Vice President while the others vice-presidents were Mubarak Al-Bunain of Qatar, Khalil Haider of Kuwait, Ahmad Khawari Isa of Malaysia, Saba Naikin of India and Iran Mizam Zaman. Niranjan Rajbansi of Nepal was elected as treasurer.