Feudalism has ruptured the socio-economic fabric of our state. Feudals resist the participation of their villagers in different productive activities that are beneficial for the prosperity of our country. To start off, the villagers are denied access to education by the feudals. The reason behind snatching this human right from them is the fear of spreading awareness among the villagers. 

Feudals are apprehensive of the resistance the villagers will raise against their despotism after getting an education. In a like manner, women’s participation in the electoral process is widely prohibited. It is a self-evident truth that women’s participation in the electoral process will make a glaring difference in the progress of any country. The democratic education will create a cognizance of their rights among women which, in turn, will be transferred in the generations. To sum up, feudalism has been a major obstacle to the progress of our nation. Therefore it should be dealt with an iron hand before it’s too late.



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