Dengue fever has gripped Karachi following the heavy rains this monsoon season as another 264 cases were reported in the city during the past 24 hours.

According to details, as many as 264 cases of dengue virus were reported in Karachi, taking the total number of cases in October to 760.

Data released by the Sindh health department showed that so far, almost 9,240 dengue cases were reported across the country this year. Meanwhile, the viral disease has claimed 38 lives in the province, out of which 36 deaths occurred in Karachi.

On September 30, the local administration launched an Islamabad-like anti-dengue campaign as the cases of dengue virus were spreading rapidly across Karachi.

According to details, medical teams from Islamabad and Lahore started giving training to doctors and other staff of the provincial health department. The anti-dengue campaign was first launched in District East – the most affected by the virus.

District Health Officer (DHO) East Dr Naeem Sikandar has informed that anti-dengue spraying was conducted in the houses of patients and 20 surrounding residential facilities to eliminate the virus.

Dr Naeem Sikandar further said that the administration was mapping the areas from where the cases are being reported.

“So far, over 1800 cases of dengue have been reported in the district east,” the DHO said, adding that almost ten patients have succumbed to the virus.