Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand 

battles, a thousand victories.

–Sun Tzu

The Battle of Thames was fought in the War of 1812 which led to the decisive victory over the British and Indian forces in Ontario, Canada. It enabled the US to establish control over the Northwest. The British commander, Brigadier General Henry A. Procter, began his hasty retreat across the Ontario peninsula when he was pursued by 3500 US troops who were also supported by the fleet in command of Lake Erie. Both forces met in Moraviantown on the Thames River. The British has some 600 soldiers and 100 Indian allies but they were greatly outnumbered by the US’ forces and were quickly defeated. Many from the troops were captured and others killed. Furthermore, this battle destroyed the Indian alliance and broke their power in Ohio and Indiana territories. After the conclusion of this battle, most tribes abandoned their association with the British.