Rawalpindi-The investigators of Homicide Investigation Unit (HIU) of Police Station Pirwadhai has arrested three suspected killers involved in murdering four members of a family to grab their property worth millions of rupees.

The troika identified as Javed Akram (mastermind), Imran and Amir, who were engineering a plot to for eliminating other family members of the deceased to grab property, disclosed SSP Operations Wasim Riaz Khan at a presser held in Police Line here on Tuesday. 

SP Rawal Division Baber Javed Joya, SHO PS Pirwadhai SI Raja Aizaz Azim and other HIU team members were also present on the occasion.

According to SSP Operations Wasim Riaz Khan, Javed Akram hired the house of victim family on rent some 30 years ago and made a plot to kill the family members of landlord to grab property. Acting upon the horrible plan, he said Javed along with his gang members shot dead two real brothers namely Sajid and Majid on July 18 and September 27 outside their house. 

“Majid was also applicant in murder case of his brother Sajid,” said SSP adding that police managed to arrest Javed Akram, the murderer of Majid who made sensational revelations during investigation. Sharing the further details, SSP Wasim Riaz Khan said that Javed confessed he had also hired assassins to kill Malik Arshad, the elder brother of Sajid and Majid, in Islamabad in 2020 and portrayed the murder as an accident.

The suspected killer told police he is also involved in pushing another member of the family into drugs and kidnapping him with help of criminals. “A court of law had also sentenced Javed Akram to death to three counts after convicting him for killing a 17 year old boy” the senior police officer said. 

He said Javed had a land dispute with father of deceased boy. “Rawalpindi police have saved the other members of landlord family by arresting the troika which was planning to kill the whole family to grab property,” he said.

He added that police have produced the suspected killers before a court of law where judge sent them to Adiala Jail for identification parade. He said that police would get the killers punished from court in light of solid evidences the investigators collected so far.