LAHORE   -   Reshuffling continues in Punjab bureaucracy as Punjab Gov-ernment issued more transfers and postingsordersfol­lowing which mul-tiple bureaucrates exchange positions in the prov­ince here on Tues-day.With the issuance of these orders, the posi­tion and responsibili­ties of11 high rank se­nior officers belonging to grade 17 to 19 has been swapped. 

According to the of­ficial notification, of­ficer on special duty Khalid Per-vaiz, BS-19 has been entrusted with the charge of additional secretary specialized healthcare & medical education department Punjab, on a vacant post.

Another BS-19 Fa­reeha Tehseen, on acting charge, Gen­eral Manager (Admin), Tourism Development Corporation Pun­jab (TDCP) has been transferred and posted as additional secre­tary school education de-partment Punjab, against a vacant post, with her transfer she has also been relieved of the additional charge of the post of General Manager (TDCP). 

Post Fareeha Tehseen transfer, additional sec­retary Chief Minister’s of-fice Capt (r) Aurang­zaib Ahmad Khan BS-18 after his transfer from Chief Minister’s office has been posted on post vacated by Freeha Tehseen.

On the other hand in pursuance of the competent author­ity/selection commit­tee two high Punjab Police officers has been transferred,(PSP BS-19) SSP Operations Lahore Mustansar Feroze has been transferred and his services has been placed at the disposal of the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), for fu­ture appointment as SP/SSP-IC3in Punjab Police integrated command control & communica­tion (PPIC3) center on depu-tation basis for a period of three years. Meanwhile, SSP Investi­gation Faisalabad (OPS) Muhammad Afzal BS-18, has beentrans­ferred and his services has also been placed at the dis-posal of the Punjab Safe City Au­thority (PSCA) Punjab Lahore, for fur-ther ap­pointment as SP/SSP-IC3 in Punjab Police integrated command control & communica­tion (PPIC3) center on deputation basis for a peri-od of three years. It is pertinent to men­tion here that the terms and conditions of their deputation will be settled sepa­rately by the Punjab Safe City Authority.