KARACHI-Sindh Acting Governor Agha Siraj Khan Durrani on Tuesday visited to various union councils and villages of the Garhi Yasin and reviewed the water situation and relief works.

He directed for taking immediate steps to ensure rapid drainage of stagnant flood water in various areas, said a spokesperson of the Governor House here. Agha Siraj Durrani said that Sindh has been severely affected by the recent floods and millions of people have been affected. 

He said that the process of distribution of ration in the remaining villages of UC Hameed Jagir, UC Naam Sharif, UC Gahanwah of Tehsil Garhi Yasin was continued.    The Acting Governor Sindh distributed water coolers and other essential items amongst the flood victim.

Talking on the occasion, Agha Siraj Durrani said that we are continuously distributing ration and other essential items in the rain-affected areas of Taluka Garhi Yasin.  During the last month, ration was delivered to thousands of households, said the Acting Governor Sindh and added that it was our duty to serve the poor and needy people without any discrimination.  He said that we were delivering ration to 8 to 10 villages daily.