Torrential rains and flash floods have caused an unimaginable disaster in Pakistan. Half of the country’s croplands have been washed away. Given that, the prices of common commodities especially vegetables touched tremendous heights. Already high inflation rate and recent surges have increased the miseries of the masses. In the wake of the above situation, the government went for importing from India. This resulted in widespread backlash and opposition from people belonging to all walks of life. The decision was overturned amidst disapproval. 

As the matter of fact, the imports from India could only have benefitted the common men who are being thrashed by skyrocketing inflation. It is also pertinent to mention that India’s inhumane treatment of Kashmiri Muslims is a stark reminder of their anti-Muslim approach. In this connection, trade-in hard times will not damage the political disputes including Kashmir. Instead, it could turn out to be an opportunity to cooperate on shared problems including climate change.