KARACHI:  Crackdown against criminal elements in Karachi continues with the police arresting at least 42 suspects during search operation in different areas of the city last night.

According to details, the police conducted an operation in ‘Niya Nazimabad’ area of ‘Manghopir’ on a tip-off that certain criminals were present in the area.

All the entry and exit points of the area were sealed before launching the operation after which the police carried out a house-to-house search and apprehended at least 42 suspects.

The police also arrested four suspects from Nazimabad area after an encounter. According to the police the arrested suspects were involved in various street crimes and that arms and stolen goods were recovered from their possession.

Furthermore, the police arrested over three dozen suspects from Kunwari Colony and adjoining areas of Manghopir during a search operation. Six suspects were also arrested from New Karachi Industrial area.

The arrested suspects were shifted to the police station for further investigation.

Similarly, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) arrested 9 Lyari gang war runners of Uzair Baloch group from Sangolane, Sarbazi Mohalla, and adjoining areas of Lyari.

Zahid Baloch, Farid Baloch, Rizwan Chota, Shera Chota, and Sapira Blu are among the nine gang war runners arrested.

Police also arrested a gang war accused in injured condition after an encounter in Baldia Ittehad Town.

Police sources said that the accused was involved in extortion and street crime cases.