Peshawar    -    The deadlock still exists between the government and protesting employees of education boards, as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Boards Union and APCA continue their strike until the revised notification regarding the merging of the education boards is issued by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

While addressing a gathering of the Education boards and APCA workers, the Central Secretary General of the association, Aurangzeb Khan said that they would not call off their strike until the amended notification is issued by the government. He informed that they held a meeting with Secretary Elementary & Secondary Education (E&SE), wherein the Union and Secretary Education agreed on the establishment of a single central board committee and its TORs.

“We can call the meeting a success, as far as negotiations are concerned, however, the Secretary E&SE agreed in principle with all our reservations and assured us that the service matters, financial matters, and establishment of facilitation centres mentioned in the notification will be done,” Aurangzeb said. Examinations will be de-notified by the board at the provincial level and we would not want employees’ rights to be unprotected, he added.

“It is our success that we as stakeholders are heard and asked to address our concerns, the Association Secretary-General said, adding the coordination council has concluded that until the minutes of this meeting and amended notification of the committee are not issued, the strike and the boycott of Inter level result will continue in all our boards.  “As soon as the minutes and notifications are issued, the council will decide the future course of action, Mr Aurangzeb said. Similarly, the meeting of the provincial assembly is to be held on Monday (tomorrow), so the employees of all the boards should be ready, as if our demands were not implemented, then we will be compelled to hold a protest demo in front of the Provincial Assembly building as we did in 2018. He further said that they would not call off their strike unless their demands are accepted by the government.

“We have also announced that all education boards across the province will be locked. Any kind of service to the public will be closed until further notice,” Aurangzeb said. He said that this decision was taken unanimously in the meeting and that a boycott was announced from the result of the next intermediate classes.

“No board will publish the result of the Inter classes and no one window operation would be provided,” he said and added that all types of services in various sections, except the offices of Chairman and Secretary Board, will be suspended for an indefinite period.