FAISALABAD - Farmers have been advised to start the cultivation of winter vegetables as September was the suitable month for this purpose. 

According to a spokesperson for the agriculture (extension) department, radish, carrot, turnip, spinach, coriander, fenugreek (methi), peas, cauliflower, cabbage, salad, etc were often cultivated during September. He said that farmers should use 3-4kg seed of radish per acre for its cultivation, whereas, 8kg seed of carrot, 1kg of turnip, 16-20kg of spinach, 8kg of coriander, 3-4kg of fenugreek, 25-30kg of peas, 0.5kg of cauliflower, 0.5kg of cabbage, 0.5kg seed of salad was sufficient for their per acre cultivation.

Growers should cultivate winter vegetables in rows with appropriate distance and use 10-15 maund organic fertilizer along with 20-40kg nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer per acre to increase productivity of the commodities. 

Farmers should cultivate vegetables at maximum space of their lands, he added.