Undoubtedly, national flags reflect the liberty and the sovereignty of the state. Throughout the world, nations express patriotism and sincerity to their countries regarding national days.

As Pakistan got its diamond jubilee on August 14th, 2022, households and streets were garnished with paper flags and national songs were played to manifest the love for the nation. On the other side of the imagery is disclosing the tragic scene of lack of glory for the flags. Uncountable paper flags which were used in embellishments have seen desolated at dump yards. To the whole nation, I want to ask that Is this a means of respect and honour for the national flag. For the kind information of seasonal lovers, this is not merely the piece of fibre/paper but the body adornment of the martyred soldiers who served the nation with the sacrifice of their lives. At this time, being awakened from this nightmare of dishonour is a badly needed thing for us. Our flag really demands respect for not even throwing at heaps of waste.

All things considered, honouring the national flag should be our first and foremost priority. We ought to have proper arrangements for these paper flags in our society.