Amid a shortage of flour due to flash floods, the 20-kg bag of flour is being sold at Rs2,500 in Balochistan’s capital of Quetta. The price of flour is skyrocketing in Quetta due to the shortage of commodities after monsoon rains and floods. Sensing the opportunity, the profiteers have become active and selling the flour bag of 20kg at Rs2,500 and bag of 50kg flour at Rs6,000 in Quetta and its adjoining areas. The residents of the area have demanded of the provincial government to take action against the profiteers and ensure the availability of the flour. Meanwhile, Karachiites are being also forced to buy costliest flour. During the last week, the price of flour saw an Rs180 hike on 20-kg bag in Karachi and Rs140 increase in Hyderabad. The price of 20-kg flour bag saw hike by Rs120 in Quetta, Rs100 in Khuzdar, Rs40 in Sukkur, and Rs20 in Larkana. The PBS data further showed that the price of 20-kg bag is being sold in Hyderabad at Rs2080, Rs1950 in Khuzdar, Rs1920 in Quetta and Larkana, Rs1800 in Sukkur, Rs980 in Peshawar, Bannu, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is pertinent to mention here that the annual inflation rate in the country, after a 1.31% weekly increase, reached a historic high of 46.10%, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data showed.