ISLAMABAD    -    Lashing out at the coalition government over soaring inflation and its alleged plan to impose further taxes worth Rs608 billion on the masses, former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Sunday announced that PTI Chairman Imran Khan will give a call for march on Islamabad once the floods recede.

The statement by the Awami Muslim League (AML) chief comes a day after Imran Khan, at a public rally in Gujrat, warned the PM Shehbaz Sharif-led government to stop the “persecution” of his party workers with court cases, saying that he will otherwise head for the federal capital once more with his supporters.

Taking to his Twitter handle yesterday, Rasheed warned: “Sitambar Sitamgar ho ga (September will be cruel).” “The IMF struck yet another deal with the government for recovery of Rs608 billion. First they robbed the national treasury and now they are looking to pick people’s pockets,” said the former interior minister.

Referring to the flood situation in Sindh, Sheikh Rasheed said that the flash floods have “opened the eyes” of the people of Sindh.