LARKANA    -    Pakistan People’s Party Sindh President Senator Nisar Ahmad Khuhro said on Sunday that Kalabagh Dam was a killer project for Sindh and added that Sindh will never tolerate it in any case. 

Two dams are to be built above Tarbela including Bhasha Dam. The rains are coming down from Kalabagh, so how will the rainwater be collected in Kalabagh Dam? First right over water is not of Mianwali but of tail enders.

He expressed these views while holding a press conference at the Larkana Press Club on Sunday. Khuhro said that the Chief Minister of Punjab has said in the meeting that Imran Khan will come to the government again and will construct Kalabagh Dam adding “he said that the statement of building Kalabagh Dam is equivalent to pouring salt on the wounds of Sindh. How is he talking?” 

He said that the talk of Kalabagh Dam is a conspiracy to divide the provinces and create hatred among the people and instability in the country. He said Khan is unaware of water issues then how is he talking about Kalbagh Dam.  The PPP Sindh President said that three provincial assemblies had submitted a resolution against the Kalabagh Dam and have rejected it, so CM Punjab should stop pouring salt on the faces of the suffering people of Sindh. 

He said that Sindh did not allow the martial law administrator to build the Kalabagh Dam and Nawaz Sharif also apologized for the Kalabagh Dam issue, so now Sindh will never allow others to build the Kalabagh Dam on the Indus.

Khuhro said that Khan should come to Sindh, but the people of Sindh will reject Imran Khan’s anti-Sindh and biased politics based on lies. He said that Imran Khan pledged Pakistan to the IMF in the first two years of his government and after requesting $6 billion in aid to Pakistan, Imran Khan finally did not honor the agreement, which led to the current government.

He said that he is not against the meetings but Imran Khan should not lie in the meetings and is only praising the KPK government and criticizing other provincial governments including the rest of the federation. 

The PPP Sindh President said that Imran Khan shows double standards in every meeting, and is calling those “Loto” in his meetings, if these people from other parties join Imran Khan, then they will be washed with milk. When Imran’s people join other parties, he is criticizing them as Loto. 

He said that in 2002, General Musharraf broke 10 people of the People’s Party, why did Imran Khan not criticize Musharraf at that time, when 6 of them were made ministers, which also included the will of Imran Khan. 

Khuhro said that Imran Khan is not a trustworthy person, that’s why the government in Punjab is not of PTI but of Q-League. He said that the fallacy of Imran Khan’s false statement that his failure was an international conspiracy is that his self-made president Arif Alvi has rejected Imran Khan’s conspiracy statement, so Imran Khan should now ask Arif Alvi about his false conspiracy theory.

He said that Sindh is dealing with natural calamities, there is no risk of river flooding after rains and the water will pass safely. He said that due to the rains, a large number of people’s houses have collapsed. He said that due to the rains, millions of people have become homeless throughout Sindh, to whom efforts are currently being made to provide tents and other facilities including rations, while the Sindh government has given an order to prepare tents and the tent makers are making only 5 to 6000 tents a day, which is why the complaints of the victims about the tents are justified. The PPP Sindh President said that there are better hospitals in Larkana for the treatment of gastro, skin and other diseases due to rain and medical camps are also available for the victims where rain victims are being treated. He said that millions of acres of crops including rice, cotton and vegetables have been destroyed.

He said that all the political parties along with the Sindh government and NGOs are helping the victims, including the important role of the people of Karachi. He said that our intention is to help the affected people and the Sindh government is providing relief to the affected people. He said that the district administration should show its efficiency by increasing its competence and capacity, including drainage of rain water, and speed up the rescue and relief process of the rain victims so that the suffering of the victims can be reduced.

Khuhro said that the pending work of RBOD and LBOD should be done soon as LBOD was formed in 1980 during the Zia era and not by the People’s Party and there were problems due to the design of LBOD. Due to which a wall was built near the LBOD sea to stop the sea water while the water is flowing from the RBOD. He said that due to the rainwater coming from Balochistan, the water flows in Sindh increased because of Balochistan rainwater.