ISLAMABAD    -    Pakistan and China have agreed to enhance cooperation in buffalo business between the two countries as it would further strengthen research and development of buffalo germplasm, and dairy products processing.

The MoU was signed by Royal Group, China, and JW Holdings, Pakistan, as a side event of the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), CEN reported on Sunday.

The two sides will deepen cooperation in buffalo farm building, buffalo dairy products deep-processing and other related projects.

“We and JW Holdings will jointly invest $100 million to develop buffalo breeding and buffalo milk and meat products processing industry in Pakistan, build a number of modern large-scale buffalo disease-free pastures, dairy processing plants and slaughterhouses, and jointly promote and sell buffalo milk and meat products produced in Pakistan to ASEAN countries and the Middle East region,” said Teng Cuijin, Deputy President of Royal Cell Biotechnology Corp said.

“Also we will deepen cooperation in research and development of buffalo germplasm, standardized feeding and deep processing of dairy products,” she said, adding that Royal Group has accelerated the implementation of its cooperation project with Pakistan’s buffalo business since 2021.

As per Teng, the project is based in Punjab in which Royal Group is based.

Pakistan itself is a big animal husbandry country. “They have a quality germplasm of buffalo, but they mainly raise them in a free-range way.

While China has rich experience in buffalo farming, management and intensive production, which can be shared with our Pakistani friends,” Teng said.

With the signing of the MoU, “we will train local talents, improve local agricultural technology and promote the development of local industries in Pakistan.