Seven outlaws arrested, arms seized in Peshawar

Peshawar    -    Seven alleged criminals including three members of a robbers’ gang were nabbed during raids in the provincial capital on Sunday.

A police official said that while probing a robbery in Chamkani locality, a police team traced a gang and arrested three gangsters identified as Taj Rehman, Aliman Shah and Abdul Wahid. The arrestees confessed to committing robberies at gunpoint and also surrendered Rs0.1 million cash, several pistols and a motorbike used in the crimes.

Meanwhile, two armed men were arrested while they were sitting in an ambush in Chamkani. The cops also recovered one Kalashnikov and pistols from them and said the arrestees confessed involvement in armed dacoities.

Another two accused were arrested during an investigation into a robbery case in Pishtakhara locality where an Afghan national’s house had been robbed.

The official said that Capital City Police Officer Ijaz Khan had directed the divisional SPs to improve patrolling in the nook and corner of the provincial capital to fight street and other crimes.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt