MUZAFFARGARH    -    Police registered a case against six unknown armed persons who opened fire at the temporary residence of PTI MPA Sardar Ashraf Khan Rind and caused immense panic in the area. According to police sources, six unknown armed persons knocked on the gate of temporary residence of MPA Ashraf Rind during the wee hours.  The manager of the MPA opened the gate of the residence. The unknown person sought information about MPA Ashraf Rind and his son. The manager, after sensing danger, immediately closed the gate. The unknown person opened fire and managed to escape. Meanwhile, local people assembled there. The incident caused immense panic and a sense of fear for the dwellers. The manager, namely Kamran, maintained that the attackers wanted to kill the MPA. According to the MPA’s family sources, they were receiving threats for the last few days.

Police registered the case against the outlaws under section 7ATA, 148,149,427, and 324.