A delegation of the US Congress visited the flood-affected regions of Pakistan and ‘brought hope’ that the US would be a 'consistent partner' in helping Pakistan through the crisis. Congresswoman Sheila stated that this was the “first US delegation to visit the most devastating and deadly flooding in Pakistani history”, deeming the inundation a “flood of historic proportion”. “As far as the eye could see, I saw water,” she added. The delegation - Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman Tom - was briefed by military rescuers, and met and listened to local people who had “experienced the raging deadly waters”. She highlighted that with entire villages underwater, 33 million Pakistanis were impacted by the floods and almost 70,000 women were expected to give birth “potentially without medical care”.

“Our delegation brought hope that the United States will be an effective and consistent partner in helping Pakistan work through this human crises!” she stated, adding that humanity was under attack.