Govt seeks Rs10.32 per unit hike for K-Electric consumers

ISLAMABAD-The electricity consumers will continue to suffer as the federal government has sought NEPRA nod for a hike of upto Rs10.32/unit in power tariff for the consumers of KE, on account of three quarterly adjustments of FY2022-23.
In order to maintain uniform tariff across country, NEPRA shall determine application of quarterly tariff determinations (QTAs) of XWDlSCOs on KE consumers by way of tariff rationalisation. NEPRA shall determine the same tariff rationalisation for K-Electric consumers as determined for XWDISCOs consumers, with same application period, keeping in view financial sustainability of the sector and uniform tariff policy of the federal government, said the Ministry of Energy (MoE) in a motion filed with respect to recommendation of consumer end tariff for K-Electric and Policy Guidelines for uniform quarterly adjustments under section 7 and 31 of the NEPRA Act, 1997 read with rule 17 of NEPRA Tariff (Standards and Procedure) Rules, 1998.
In the motion submitted with NEPRA, the Ministry of Energy has sought NEPRA approval for determination uniform consumer-end tariff for K-Electric and requested to pass on the burden of three quarterly adjustments to the KE’s consumers having a total impact of Rs10.32/unit. The adjustments include 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2022-23. For the 2nd quarter, the increase will be Rs0.4689/unit; for the 3rd quarter upto Rs4.4547/unit, and for the 4th quarter the hike of Rs5.40/unit has been requested. The MoE in the motion has requested to apply periodic adjustments for the 2nd quarter of FY2022-23 for XWDISCOs of Rs0.4689/unit, on the consumers of K-Electric in order to maintain uniform tariff across the country. The MoE has requested to issue separate SoT for KE with prospective application of applicable uniform rates after incorporating tariff rationalisation. The adjustment shall be applicable on the consumption of April, May and June 2023, to be recovered from consumers in September, October and November 2023, respectively.
The MoE has also submitted Policy Guidelines for uniform application of quarterly adjustments on XWDISCOs and K-Electric consumers. Based on the Policy Guidelines, the MoE has requested NEPRA to reconsider its decision dated 22/05/2023 and accordingly issue separate SoT for KE with prospective application of applicable uniform rates, after incorporating tariff rationalisation requested in motion dated 17/03/2023 (Rs1.4874 to Rs4.4547/unit for different consumer categories). The adjustment shall be applicable on the consumption of February and March 2023, to be recovered from consumers in September and October 2023, respectively. Further, the Ministry of Energy, during hearing in the matter of 4th quarterly adjustment of Rs5.40/unit for XWDISCOs for the FY 2022-23, held on 23/08/2023, submitted to apply the same on K-Electric consumers as well, in light of the afore referred policy guidelines. NEPRA will hold public hearing on the Ministry of Energy’s motion on 11th September 2023

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