Non custom paid items worth Rs671m seized

MULTAN  -  In a recent series of operations spearheaded by Customs Intelligence Multan, a resolute crack­down on smugglers has resulted in the seizure of non-custom paid articles with a staggering esti­mated value of Rs 671 million.

According to official sources, these decisive raids unfolded throughout the month of August 2023, targeting illicit trade and non-custom goods.

The seized inventory encompasses a diverse array of items, including luxury vehicles, textiles, prohibited narcotics, gutka, cigarettes, and Iranian diesel, among others. These actions signify a re­sounding victory in the battle against smuggling, further underscoring the commitment of the Cus­toms Intelligence team in Multan to protect the na­tion’s economic interests.

The meticulous planning and execution of these operations were overseen by Deputy Directors Muhammad Ali Asif and Ali Tauqeer, who played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of these en­deavors.

The Customs Department’s resolute actions send a clear message that smugglers and those in­volved in illicit trade will face the full force of the law as efforts to safeguard the nation’s economic integrity continue.

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