Police ensure robust security for Chehlum procession of Imam Hussain (AS)

Islamabad/rawalpindi-The Police have meticulously finalized comprehensive security arrangements for the Chehlum of Imam Hussain (AS) processions in the twin cities.
Under the guidance of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the security plan got formal approval from ICCPO Dr Akbar Nasir Khan after a thorough review during a meeting.
The plan emphasizes the importance of close coordination between all concerned officials, peace committees, and procession organizers. Cooperation between organizers and law enforcement authorities is crucial. Security measures are to be stringent, including professional participant checks and the installation of walk-through gates at entry points. Thorough participant checks, including the use of metal detectors, are mandated to ensure safety.
Pakistan Rangers and FC personnel will assist the Islamabad Capital Police in ensuring robust security arrangements. The ICCPO has directed Zonal DPOs, SDPOs, and police station officers to arrange proper lighting in consultation with relevant authorities and clear out any obstructions in the vicinity of the worship place.
The procession is to follow designated routes and adhere strictly to timings. Effective patrolling and the use of commando vehicles are part of the security plan. Close coordination among all wings of the Islamabad Capital Police is imperative. Traffic management is also a priority, with special deployment to ensure smooth traffic flow on alternate routes during the procession. Parking lots are to be located at a distance from the procession routes with adequate security and metal detectors at entry and exit points. Walk-through gates must be installed at all procession entry and exit points, with a significant police presence.
To maintain order, DPOs and SDPOs are directed to prevent wall chalking or poster placement that may incite sentiments. The Dolphin Squad is deployed to patrol along procession routes, and patrolling officers will inspect procession routes and Imambargahs, with rooftops covered by police officials.
For security during female gatherings, lady police officers will be assigned, while police officers and Jawans will secure the exterior of the Imambargah. Volunteer security personnel will have their details recorded. Peace committees are responsible for ensuring no strangers are allowed to stay in worship places during the procession to enhance security.
Meanwhile, in Rawalpindi, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senior Superintendent of Police SSP Operations Faisal Saleem to review security arrangements for the. According to a police spokesman, SDPOs and SHOs of Rawal Division participated in the meeting. Addressing the occasion, SSP Operations Faisal Saleem emphasized the need for foolproof security arrangements for the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). He directed the police officers on duty to report on time and not leave their posts until their duties were completed. He warned that strict action would be taken against officials found negligent in performing their duties.
The senior police officers will periodically check and brief the duty officers, he added. Walk-through gates will be installed at the entry point of the procession, and participants will be allowed to enter after a body search. Snipers will be deployed on rooftops for procession security. To ensure security, the streets along the procession route, roads, and other routes will be sealed.

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