Police protection centers empowering transgender community in Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFAR GARH  -  Implementing the initia­tives and vision of IG Pun­jab Dr Usman Anwar to help and rehabilitate the trans­gender and deprived sec­tions of the society, police protection centers estab­lished at the district level by Regional Police Officer Dera Ghazi Khan Sajjad Hassan Khan through his effective strategy have started get­ting results. 

On the special instruc­tions of IG Punjab and RPO Dera Ghazi Khan in Muzaf­fargarh district, protection centers and shelter homes have been established at the district level and per­forming well to solve the problems of the oppressed class and transgenders. 

DPO Muzaffargarh Syed Hasnain Haider reinforced the vision of IG Police Pun­jab and RPO Dera Ghazi Khan through practical measures for problems of transgender and op­pressed sections at police protection centers and their improvement. The trust of the people in po­lice has gone up. A clear example of which is Sha­hana Abbas Shani, a trans­gender from Muzaffargarh, who has been issued an HTV driving licence, thus Shahana Abbas Shani is the first transgender of Pakistan who has received an HTV licence. 

RPO Dera Ghazi Khan Sajjad Hasan Khan gave license to Shahana Ab­bas Shani and encouraged him. Similarly, justice was provided by taking im­mediate action on various complaints of more than 60 transgender at the Po­lice Protection Center es­tablished in Muzaffargarh district. On the instructions of RPO Dera Ghazi Khan Sajjad Hasan Khan, DPO Muzaffargarh Syed Hasnain Haider posted transgen­der Shahana Abbas Shani as victim support officer transgender (VSO) at po­lice protection center. By which the problems of the transgender community will be solved and they will be protected and get rid of negative activities so that they can live their lives as honorable and patriotic Pakistanis and play their full role in the development of the country will DPO Mu­zaffargarh on the special instructions of RPO is cur­rently providing dry ration electricity and other facili­ties to more than 40 people on a monthly basis through Police Shelter Homes and taking special care of other necessities of life. 

Apart from this, dry ra­tion is being delivered to the underprivileged and poverty-stricken people at their doorsteps, thereby restoring the public’s con­fidence in the police. RPO Sajjad Hasan Khan has also directed to take steps for free legal aid for transgen­der poor and needy people at district level. On which DPO Muzaffargarh Syed Hasnain Haider signed an MoU with President Bar District Sardar Sher Khan Korai, as a result of which President District Bar Sher Khan Korai provided free legal services to dozens of people belonging to op­pressed sections.

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