President Sialkot Chamber emphasises need for food security, sustainable agriculture

SIALKOT   -   President Sialkot Chamber Abdul Ghafoor Malik has said that con­tinuous measures are needed to ensure food security. To attract in­vestors, establishment of local investment fa­cilitation council is a good step. According to Pakistan Economic Sur­vey, agriculture sector contributes 22 percent of GDP and 37 percent of employment. And facing shortage of commodities like oilseeds, Pakistan has 9.14 million hectares of barren land, 1.74 mil­lion hectares of barren land in Punjab, 1.40 mil­lion hectares of barren land in Sindh, 4.87 mil­lion hectares of barren land in Balochistan and 1.08 million hectares of barren land in KPK. There is an urgent need to con­trol malnutrition through cultivation, which has to be done to eliminate the deterioration of soil fertility, lack of modern agricultural equipment, storage, along with im­mediate measures to pre­vent the loss of biodiver­sity. Interrelationship of change and biodiversity raises concerns Pakistan is home to a wide variety of species, including 198 mammals, 700 birds, 198 freshwater fish and more than 6000 plant species, many of which are strug­gling to survive. As we de­pend on forests, Pakistan has only one and a half percent of forests that are harmfully logged. We need to take urgent steps to reduce the pressure on our natural resources and promote sustainable practices.

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