Strict traffic safety steps taken for Margalla Road

ISLAMABAD-Following the special directives of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, to ensure the safety and convenience of citizens, the Islamabad Capital Police has implemented strict safety measures on Margalla road, a public relations officer said on Monday. He said that the entry of large and heavy vehicles onto Margalla road has been restricted. Legal actions will be taken against any vehicles found without a valid route permit or during prohibited hours. 
ICCPO Dr Akbar Nasir Khan emphasized the commitment of Islamabad Capital Police to maintaining a seamless traffic system within the federal capital and providing secure travel facilities to the public. He stated, “Our diligent officers are unwavering in their duty to prevent accidents that could result in harm to life or property. The Islamabad Capital Police is continuously present on the streets of Islamabad to ensure the best possible travel experience for the citizens.” The safety of citizens and their property remains a top priority for Islamabad Capital Police. Citizens are urged not only to cooperate with these enhanced traffic regulations but also to follow all traffic rules meticulously. Citizens are encouraged to report any emergencies by dialling Pukar-15.
Police takes action against 
begging racket in Capital
In a determined effort to curb the menace of professional begging in the federal capital, the Islamabad Capital Police have taken robust action against both professional beggars and their facilitators, a public relations officer said on Monday. He said that following the special directions of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, the Islamabad Capital Police arrested 6,674 professional beggars during the ongoing year, with 934 arrests made in August. The arrested accused comprised 729 men, 1,321 women, 4,522 children, and 102 eunuchs. In August, the apprehensions included 267 men, 47 women, 367 children, and 253 eunuchs. 
In each case, the beggar act has been invoked, leading to the registration of 18 cases and 17 Qalandaras. It’s not just the beggars themselves who are under scrutiny; those who facilitate and profit from begging are also being identified and held accountable. Islamabad Capital Police have enlisted the assistance of Safe City’s surveillance cameras and human resources to uncover the networks of these facilitators and contractors. This extends to parents who force their children into begging, an exploitative practice that is met with legal action. 
Furthermore, it has come to light that some individuals posing as beggars have been involved in criminal activities in various areas. The Islamabad Capital Police have pledged to intensify their ongoing crackdown against professional beggars and are actively encouraging citizens to play a crucial role in discouraging this practice. Citizens are urged to report any suspicious individuals or activities by dialling “Pucar-15.”

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