Expensive fuel

It is a shame that we in Pakistan are one of the most expensive in terms of cost of fuel in the region, and also the world. If fuel from our next door country, can reach us and after profit be sold at less than Rs 30 p/liter, then when will we learn to sell the same through our marketing companies at the same rate, instead of Rs 80 p/liter. This is my question to the department of petroleum and oils. Oil is the root of all evils and the backbone of inflation. If oil prices are reduced and kept under control, as the region, and Pakistan dependence is reduced on this imported commodity, only then can Pakistan tackle inflation, and bring down the cost of all goods, manufactured in Pakistan. The result would be that our exports would grow and economy would improve. Pakistan needs to completely move away to alternative fuels instead of relying on oil, as this is also a major risk to our national security, since the function of the country depends heavily on the import of oil via ships. There is always a risk of shipping routes chocking for one reason or another. Instead as Pakistan is blessed with coal, and wind power in abundance, more attention needs to be given to these sectors. Projects should be started promptly to ensure 30 years of steady supply of reliable and cheap power to the business, industries, agriculture, exporters and every sector of economy. All the solutions are available to us to become a prosperous and progressive economy. Pakistan has a good chance to become a leading country in the region. But if we dont make good decisions now our future generations will have to suffer. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, April 5.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt