CJP laments inconvenience to dual national govt officers

| Court drops proceedings against those hiding dual nationality

ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday expressed his regret for the inconvenience caused to the dual national government servants, who were on notice to appear in-person.

He expressed his lament in the very end of the dual national suo moto proceedings which were conducted in the auditorium of the top court as hundreds of government servants were present on court notice.

The bench also dropped the proceedings in the case held previously with the observation that action shall be taken against the dual national officers who remained untruthful in disclosing their nationality.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan took up the suo moto case regarding dual national government officers.

During the course of hearing, Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) stated that the agency had collected the data of 182,090 officers till March 18.

He further stated that they received data of more than 36,000 officers wherein 655 government officials confessed of holding dual nationality and 152 concealed.

Furthermore, 665 officers are married to women who possess dual nationality and five to women who are foreign nationals. Five officials themselves are foreign nationals.

Additional Attorney General Syed Nayyar Rizvi informed the bench that data for another 1,000 officials has also been obtained and notices were also published in newspapers advising others to reveal their dual nationality.

The DG further informed the bench that Punjab Government provided information of 53755 officers, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provided information of 1350 officers, Balochistan government provided information of 13511 officers and Sindh government has provided information of 211 officers.

However, the dual national officers present in the court room objected to the report of FIA and said that it has many errors while they have erred while advertising the names.

Many officers said that they do not possess dual nationality. Due to noise and chaos-like environment, the chief justice directed all to meet the DG FIA in the auditorium.

Later, the chief justice observed that exercise taken in regard with dual nationality is not meant to prejudice the individuals, rather it is just for the purpose of collecting data.

He further observed that the proceedings which are held are not aimed to humiliate or punish anyone adding that the court is dropping the previous proceedings.

He further told the officers not to take stress adding that world has progressed due to honesty. Those nation moved ahead adopting our religious principles, he further observed. 

The judges of the superior courts are also dual nationals but this court has not ousted them, he further observed adding, “This is an assurance that it was just an exercise to collect the data.”

There is no law which could bar a dual national to hold the government office. He, however, lamented very few officers trusted the court adding that those who are still not truthful in disclosing their nationality shall be held accountable.

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