KARACHI - Militant groups remain engaged in terror financing using country’s commercial hub Karachi to generate funds through robberies, extortion and kidnapping for ransom, The Nation learnt here on Thursday.

According to the details, militants groups have numerously found involved in fund generation from Karachi. The law enforcement agencies have busted number of groups associated with different militant organisations engaged in fund generation through various illegal means. The outlawed groups carried out criminal activities were including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Junduallah and other splinter groups have had found in the cases of robberies, extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

A proportional declined has been witnessed in the volume of such crimes in last couple of years but the penetration of the militant groups in the metropolis still evident. On February 28, Anti Violent and Crime Cell (AVCC) conducted a raid at an empty house located in the outskirt of the city. The raid conducted in the Mangopir locality one of the major areas dominated by Taliban and other militant groups. AVCC police have raided with the assistance of secrete security agency and recovered a skeleton of man from the basement of the double-story house.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that the raid had been conducted when already arrested two militants unveiled the location of the house where they dumped the victims of ransom. The skeleton of the man sent to the laboratory for DNA and matched the details with the families of unsolved cases of abducted victims of kidnapping for ransom. Sources revealed that the deceased victim had been identified as Abid, abducted from Tipu Sultan area. Abid used to work at highest post of factory located in Korangi Industrial area.

Police sources said that Abid got the extortion calls from Afghanistan and when he declined to pay extortion militants have abducted him and kept him in custody for getting funds. Police said that the house was owned by Attaullah Barohi hailed from Balochistan who had sold out the house to some unknown suspicious men almost a year ago.

Sources said that the militant buy the house remains alien in the locality and nobody saw them as they were avoid to roam in the area and also avoid hand shake with anybody. The militants were left the home about three months ago while leaving the Abid chained in the basement of the house. It’s worth mention here that there were number of other cases indicating the involvement of militant outfits in extortion, robberies and kidnapping for ransom.  In the recent past, a group of bandits have been busted by Clifton division police and killed one of them in an encounter. Following the arrest and encounter, militant comrades have warned the police officers involved in the encounter and arrest.   The group of militants have warned the cops ahead of the revenge of their comrade murder and also demanded to release the arrested accomplices of the group.     Similarly, Sindh ranger troops have recently arrested two suspected militants affiliated with the banned militant outfit – Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in a targeted raid conducted in Kharadar area. The suspects arrested were later identified as Abdul Aleem and Tariq. According to Rangers spokesperson, the suspects arrested while associating with the TTP were involved in various cases of target killing, extortion and anti-state activities.

A senior police official associated with Counter Terrorism Department of Sindh police when contacted said that no major militant group operated in the city while small splitter groups associated with different militant organisations were behind such sort of criminal activities. He said that the Ansar-ul-Sharyah was the last organised militant group operates in Karachi but security agencies have almost dismantled the group.