By Asjad Ali

Around 1299 small groups were forming and one of the strongest was led by Uthman in the area of Turkey. It was the start of Ottoman Empire. This Empire lasted for 600 years (1299-1922) under it's 36 sultans. It covered Turkey to South-East Europe, western Asia, North Africa and to Azer Baijan in the east. The Empire was based on a Janissary System.

This system can be compared to the army in the modern world. Young boys were sent to cadet academies for training. This boys were chosen for their deduction and body structure. They were usually Basic army or Bodyguards. In around 14th century they were known as the best army in Europe. But in 1826 they were disbanded by Sultan Mahmoud II as they weakened the government.

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Published in Young Nation Magazine on January 6, 2018