LAHORE - BN Polo Team and Kalabagh/Shahtaj won the opening day matches of the Islamabad Club Champions Trophy 2022 played at Islamabad Club Polo Club Ground on Tuesday.

In the first match of the day, BN Polo Team outsmarted Kalabagh Polo Team by a huge margin of 10-3½. Hamza Mawaz Khan, Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Baber Naseem emerged as heroes of the day from the winning team as they contributed with a sparkling hat-trick each while Haider Naseem converted one goal.

Kalabagh Polo Team couldn’t resist the BN Polo Team attack and kept on conceding goals one after another, thus lost the opening match by 3½-10. Salaar Malik and Abdullah scored one goal apiece for the losing side, which also had one and a half goal handicap advantage.

The second match of the day was identical to the first one as the winning side, Kalabagh/Shahtaj outpaced The Guards by same margin of 10-3½. Argentine’s Guy Gibrat played the hero’s role from Team Kalabagh/Shahtaj as he was in sublime form and played outstanding polo with mallet and pony. He was top scorer with fabulous five goals while Asfandyar Khan fired in four fantastic goals and Sheikh Adil Waheed struck one goal.

The losing side, The Guards, couldn’t compete well against the Kalabagh/Shahtaj and lost the match by 3½-10. Mumtaz Abbas Niazi and Saqib Raheem scored one goal apiece from The Guards, which also had one and a half goal handicap advantage.

Today (Wednesday), the first match of the day will be contested between The Guards and EFU/PAF at 3:15 pm while the second match of the day, Kalabagh Polo Team will vie against Team Asean at 3:45 pm here at the Islamabad Club Polo Ground.