Oil seeds’ output witnesses encouraging growth

ISLAMABAD - Owing to incentives introduced by the government for enhancing area under oil seeds cultivation, local output of oil seed crops including canola, sunflower and mustard during current season (2021-22) witnessed encouraging growth as compared to production of same period last year.

Meanwhile, area under oil seed cultivation also increased as farmers preferred to cultivate oil seeds on maximum area to achieve benefits of the incentives and enhancing their farm income as well as profit maximization, said an official in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

Talking to APP here on Tuesday, he said that during crop season 2021-22, canola seeds were cultivated over 50.03 thousand hectares as against the set targets of 35.44 thousand hectares, showing tremendous increase in area as well as output.

Meanwhile, he said that according the provisional figures compiled by crop reporting services of the provincial governments, the local output of canola during the period under review was recorded at 79.06 thousand tons as against the set targets of 52.23 thousand tons. During the period under review, rapeseed or mustard was cultivated over 280 thousand hectares as against the set targets of 265 thousand hectares, whereas its output was recorded at 377 thousand tons as compared to targets of 280 thousand tons, he added.

The sunflower season was in progress in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan therefore, the estimate of these provinces were provisional whereas the estimate of sunflower of Sindh province is final, he said, adding that during 2021-22 the market prices of canola ranged from R5,600 to 5,700 per 40kg and 5,700 per 40kg for sunflower crop produced.

However, he said that Sindh province was still not on board in mega project titled “National Oilseed Enhancement Program ” despite allocation of funds in Public Sector Development Program and ADP.


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