Peek Freans’ new initiative Gluco Kahani curates content specifically in the form of digital Urdu nursery rhymes that facilitates the learning of the language through the use of grammar and a diverse vocabulary fitted into appeasing compositions.

It is commendable to see one of the biggest food brands catering to the current discussion regarding the importance of Urdu and the younger generation’s lack of expression due to their infrequent usage.  Their new campaign, Gluco Kahani has been created with the target audience in mind. The nursery rhymes put forth by Peek Freans Gluco sport animated animal characterseach with their own story and lesson that is expressed in a limited amount of words and repeated through the course of the rhyme so as to help with recall and memory.

The contents of the rhymes revolve around everyday lessons that are taught to us all in our youth. Lessons about being nice and kind, stepping outside of ourselves and feeling the pain of others, and always believing in ourselves and not comparing our paths. Other lessons involve staying humble and never giving up!

One of the first stories shows a turtle, the story is called “Kuchu Kuchu Kachuwa” (

In this nursery rhyme the turtle’s speed is once again under scrutiny – for being the slowest. However the nursery rhyme brings a nice twist to the age-old narrative as once the turtle steps into water, he is the fastest of all the animals present. The animation is lively and colorful and keeps the viewer engaged while they also subliminally learn that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

“Dekho Aya Sher”

( is another short rhyme that depicts the reality of stereotyping. While the lion is almost always an animal that the others are scared of, this lion is simply wandering the jungle looking for someone to befriend. The main rhyme encourages children to always talk to others with kindness and not judge others based on what we can see.

One of the more serious rhymes is “Pinjray Main Chirya”

( .

This rhyme appeals to the humanity within us all and asks us to open our hearts and feel for others the way we do for ourselves. The story is about a bird that has been caught and now lives in a cage, but misses its nest and its own baby birds.

“Batakh Ne Na Maani Haar”

( is about a duck that is trying to cross the river bed during bad weather. The rhyme talks of the difficulties the duck faces and how he refuses to back down. This duck truly embodies the spirit of ‘fall down 7 times; get back up 8” and is a good way to teach children to not back down in the face of challenges.

“Main Tu Aik Khargosh Hoon”

( is about a rabbit that acknowledges his natural talent and his speed are his greatest strengths, however the rabbit also talks about how he does get tired and cannot always rely on his physical capacities to pull him through and so must also use his brain. This rhyme teaches kids to rely on more than just their natural talents and work smart as well as hard.

“Ek Dou Teen Haathi Nikle”

( is a basic rhyme that focuses on the counting in Urdu, the word itself as well as how it is written in Urdu is shown in the animations so as to ensure the viewer has maximum understanding of the content being delivered.

“Bholay Bhaalu Bhaiyya”

( is, as the name suggests, about a care-free and happy bear that enjoys the little things in life. In this nursery rhyme he can be seen enjoying his train ride to the fullest, and teaches children to find joy in all aspects of life; be they small or big.

Last but not least, is the “Geeli Geeli Machli”( rhyme that shows life underwater, in contrast to life on land as a majority of the rhymes depict. This nursery rhyme focuses simply on caring for animals and feeding them, which on a larger scale encourages selflessness and the ability to share and care for those who are smaller/weaker than you.

After the discourse regarding Urdu’s significance was discussed in depth at Karachi Literary Festival, Peek Freans took an active part in spreading awareness and contributing in their own way.

Due to the brand’s long standing history of excellent quality and the satisfaction of their loyal customers, many influencer moms have recorded their own children listening to the Gluco Kahaninursery rhymes while humming along and dancing. On the elder spectrum, The PMP Mom’s twin boys watch Ek Dou Teen Haathi animatedly with their own narration on the side, counting along in Urdu, while on the younger side, mom-influencer, Tabinda, showcases her toddler clapping and smiling along to the same. Mothers abroad such as Tamania have especially commended this initiative as living abroad presents its own set of challenges when it comes to learning the mother tongue.

Children of all ages have responded to the cartoons positively and seem to be engrossed in the simple yet catchy compositions and lyrics, made noticeable by the top tier and highly detailed animations. Thanks to Peek Freans Glcuco and Bilal Maqsood hopefully this campaign is a new step forward into the world of Urdu digital content.



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