Unfolding new realities

The Ukraine war reminded many of what had happened eight de­cades ago when Hitler’s forces in­vaded Poland, which triggered WW2. Hitler’s and Putin’s expan­sionist adventures are similar; Rus­sia’s invasion is seen as a reaction to NATO expansion around Russia. However, those days were different. The world was dominated by impe­rial powers which no longer exist. Today big powers operate through regime change and policy imposi­tion on weaker nations.

On the other hand, predic­tions about the Russian economy proved to be wrong as recent anal­ysis shows Russian GDP has grown by 3 percent despite being sanc­tioned by the West. Bigger oil buy­ers like China, India, and Turkey have helped Russian oil exports grow. European nations have suf­fered more due to restrictions as they have paid sky-high prices for gas; this has also shifted Europe­ans’ perceptions about the war.

After the Soviet bloc collapsed, the US took over the responsibility of the global financial system, and it was thought that wealth would trickle down from rich to poor na­tions. Yet today, the realities are op­posite; developed nations are rais­ing tariffs and non-tariff barriers to protect their economies from developing nations. The future be­longs to AI and clean energy; the global race is about controlling natural resources for making elec­tric vehicles and computer chips, most of which lies in African na­tions, which has led to major pow­ers fighting for political influence. The Russian president is building geopolitical connections in Africa, offering the services of Russian pri­vate militia to African authoritari­an leaders for regime survival.

This is a new threat to the West, which has refocused its attention on controlling African resources. Asian economies are emerging as global economies. It is their right to open doors for every country, and none should be forced to pick a side between Russia or the US. A country should not restrict its friends but focus on how to expand its relationships.



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