Load shedding is now a forgotten issue. This Frankenstein is now 18 years old. The youngsters who have attained the age of costing their rights of votes in this general election is the first representative generation whom we can also call the Pakistan`s load shedding generation . The many ill effects of load shedding are like the ugly incidence of 9/11 …………that have suffered us in multi- ways. The other day one of my patients who is a case of uncontrolled diabetes told me that a Diabetologist based at Peshawar has stopped his Insulin therapy and advised to take tablets for the control of his sugar level. The Diabetologist told this patient that due to long load shedding ——the required temperature ——for insulin storage— is not possible at all. The fluctuation in temperature makes insulin ineffective hence devoid of delivering any therapeutic value. It`s an added health issue, the concerned quarter has to search for a suitable solution to this new emerging health issue. 


Kurram Agency, July 15.