Reporter returns safely

islamabad    -    Pakistani journalist Anas Malik returned safely after he went missing in Afghan capital Kabul on Friday. Anas was in Kabul for reporting killing of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Zawahiri through US drone attack. “I am back,” was a short Twitter message of Anas Malik after he returned to his hotel in Kabul. Foreign Office spokesperson in Islamabad and Pakistan Ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Khan also, through their Twitter messages, confirmed his release. However, Anas Malik did not share any details about persons who had taken him away and how and when he was taken away from his hotel to Kabul.

Foreign Office spokesperson in Islamabad said Pakistan immediately after the rep[ort of missing Anas Malik contacted authorities in Kabul and requested them to locate him. Afghan authorities in Kabul through their security network finally launched a search operation that detected him and secured his safe release. Anas Malik after his release has immediately returned to Islamabad from Kabul.

He had plans to cover the first anniversary of the Kabul fall on 15th August, 2021.

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