QUETTA    -   Central Vice President Balo­chistan Awami Party Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri on Fri­day congratulated Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor on his appointment as Corps Com­mander 12 Corps Quetta.

Congratulating Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor in her congratulatory message, she said that he is a brave and professional military officer and his life is adorned with services and achievements for the country. She said that Lieutenant General Asif Gha­foor is known as a courageous and principled officer in Paki­stan Army and his appoint­ment as Corps Commander 12 Corps Quetta is a very wel­come thing for Balochistan. Senator Samina Mumtaz Zeh­ri said that the law and order situation in Balochistan was bad in comparison to other provinces in the past, but the Pakistan Army and other se­curity forces were controlling terrorism in Balochistan with determination and courage, and the terrorists were being expelled from this region.

The enemies of the coun­try and some self-interested elements who sell their con­science for some fear of the future and some money some­times do cowardly actions which will never be allowed to succeed. The Pakistan Army and security agencies are al­ways busy to hunt down these miscreants. She said that, en­tire nation, especially the peo­ple of Balochistan, are peace-loving and want long-lasting peace in the province and are standing by the side of their Pakistani forces and security agencies for this purpose.