Ultimate benefit for ruling parties

ISLAMABAD  -   Apparently the two big ‘political development’ in a one fell swoop, around a week before the culmination of Shehbaz Sharif-led government, are in favour of the ruling clique but some saner voices are still considering a roller- coaster ride for them in future political scenario. The arrest of PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan and the CCI’s approval for the result of the 2023 digital population consensus are largely being taken as a political relief for the eleven parties in the government. While in contrast, the major players in the federal government are unsure to easily come to power again with the same arrangement.

Keeping a close eye on the political developments, the political observers believed that the heavyweights were not in favour of giving unscheduled time to the caretaker setup. They were even partially agreed in the recent legislative business, which is a parliamentary record.

Before going into the impact of these two back-to-back developments, it is perhaps necessary to understand that the political opponents of the present government believed that both the decisions can be reversed by challenging it.

The legal fraternity on the TV screen was also seen divided in their opinion on both the political development inter alia legality in the arrest of former prime minister and CCI’s decision with the participation of caretaker CMs.

In conversation with this scribe, former AGP Ashtar Ausaf came up with an argument that the CCI approval of the census would stand valid at any stage. He avoided further elaborating his argument but mentioned that the participation of the interim chief ministers was not wrong constitutionally. It needs to be understood that the political panorama has never seen a dull day but in case of the arrest of Imran Khan his legal wizards’ arguments in courts might not prove much helpful for him.

The obvious picture of coming days after the end of 15th national assembly tenure, as per the opinion of political experts, would rapidly change in weeks. The first crack appears in PDM’s alliance as the romance is about to end the next month over different political reasons.

Though it seems, the political parties will enjoy full presence of PTI in the upcoming political contests yet they might not continue its ‘support’ to each other in the elections. Some of the political experts believed that the major political parties will start passing the buck to each other about the matter of fast increasing inflation in the country and related matters. The upcoming public gathering speeches will be a big competition to prove themselves a well-wisher of the public in a tough situation.

Though this government has saved itself from economic default, yet the upcoming IMF’s demands [probably in the interim setup] would expose the ‘government’s efficiency’ in coming months. The ruling political parties may see a bumpy road ahead during their political campaign for election on these matters.

The impact of CCI’s decision would be favourable for the political parties, as they would have much time to clear their position about ‘record inflation’ and increase in petroleum prices, etc.

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