Bodies active for healthcare lauded

KARACHI - Health and education hold fundamental importance for every society, while it is need of hour to promote these sectors for real advancement and betterment of the country. President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abdul Majid Haji Muhammad expressed these views while addressing the doctors, students of Dow University of Health Sciences. Volunteers of patients Welfare Association, Civil Hospital Karachi also attended the ceremony. Abdul Majid focused that health organisations and institutions established and governed by public sector were facing tremendous problems, lack of funds, need of modern medical machinery and equipment and provision diagnostic test and medical treatment to the less-privileged and lower and poor class of the society. Due to high ratio of poverty and lack of resources, the poor and lower class of Pakistan is unable to fulfil their needs for survival. For their health problem, the public sector hospitals are the only hope for their medical treatments, which they cannot afford, he added. He also pinpointed that it was a dilemma that government hospitals could not face the burden of all the less-privileged people due to limited resources. Some of the private sector Hospitals chiefly the Indus Hospital are providing free of cost medical treatment but it is too short to meet the challenges. While appreciating the services of humanitarian institutes, he said, I pay tribute to all the leading philanthropists and generous people of the society who contribute a great amount every year to the public sector hospital and health institution for treatment of lower class. Being patriotic Pakistani, it is moral obligation of every citizen to serve the humanity, adding that every member of society must play his/her role in this regard. He informed that the KCCI, being dedicated committees for Health and Education Sector and CSR, were functioning to promote their objective. The CSR Committee during last year made noteworthy efforts while convincing the leading bank to provide substantial funding and financial assistance under CSR to various health and educational institutions in the metropolis. He appreciated the efforts of Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Chairman, banking and Insurance Sub-committee -KCCI for convincing the leading financial institutions and banks to contribute through their CSR responsibilities in the area of health and education. Ateeq ur Rehman, Chairman, Banking, Insurance & CSR Sub-committees -KCCI expressed compliments to the representative from Al-Barakka Islamic Bank, Emirates Global Islamic Bank, Meezan Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, United Bank, Allied Bank, MCB Bank, Habib Bank, Limited fro their priceless contribution and cooperation while extending very handsome amount through CSR to Health Institution. He also requested them to support PWA for its noble cause. He also requested banks for their cooperation in the campaign of Thalassemia Free Pakistan and Cancer Prevention Awareness programme for masses, which can become possible with their cooperation.