SDPI’s Sustainable Development Conference starts today

ISLAMABAD -  The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) has announced its 19th Sustainable Development Conference (SDC 2016).

This conference under the theme ‘Sustainable Development: Envisaging the Future Together’, will run from Dec 6-8  in Islamabad and expected the participation of a large number of experts in different sectors both from Pakistan and abroad.  

Federal Minister for Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) Zahid Hamid will chair the inaugural session of SDC, whereas Adviser to Prime Minister Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz will deliver his keynote address on the occasion.

The conference would focus on cooperation between developed and developing countries for sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human centeredness.

Pakistan Macroeconomic Performance: Post IMF Outlook, Gender Demography and democracy, Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Region, CPEC, CAREC and Regional Connectivity, SDGs’ Opportunities and Challenges for Health Sector, Changing Global Power Dynamics and Challenges for Foreign Policy, Secure Livelihoods, Migration, Livelihood and resilience,  Promoting Competitiveness of Cotton Value Chain, Disaster Risk reduction and Residence Building,  Current Challenges and Potential Threats for peace, Economic Integration in Central and South Asia, Priority Actions for SDGs, Challenges for Conflicts and Service Delivery in South Asia, Minorities in Pakistan’s legal Framework, Inclusive South Asian Societies, making a Living in and After Conflict, The Legacies of Conflict and market, Value Chains and Social Networks. 

The researchers, academicians, scientists, policy makers, legislators and experts from different fields will come up with evidence based policy interventions during this mega conference. 

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