ISLAMABAD - Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) is pleased to announce commencement of 10 MMSCFD natural gas production, with effect from 1st December, 2021, from Hilal-1 and Iqbal-1 discoveries in Mari gas field to Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (PFL). Both of the discoveries were made in May-2020 and August-2020 respectively. In September 2020, government approved EWT production from both the discoveries for a period of six months. The supply has commenced after approval of the Cabinet. These additional gas volumes are a result of MPCL’s continuous and on-going exploratory and development activities in its flagship Mari gas field located at Daharki, district Ghotki, Sindh. This gas is being processed at PFL facility and is being supplied through a 24km pipeline for transportation of Mari gas to SNGPL network for onward transmission to PFL’s fertilizer plant under third party access arrangement. It is estimated that the supply of this gas from Mari field shall produce approx. 100,000 metric tons of incremental fertilizers per annum. This will help to not only reduce the fertilizer deficit in the county but will also help in fulfilling national food security needs from indigenous resources thereby lowering requirement of expensive imported gas.