Govt-OEC collaboration in providing Korean language training stressed

PESHAWAR  -  Dr. Aamer Abdullah, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Min­ister for Technical Education, stressed the importance of col­laboration between the provin­cial government and the Over­seas Employment Corporation (OEC) in providing Korean lan­guage training. This initiative aims to equip the region’s work­force with skills that would open doors to various profes­sional and technical fields in Korea.

Dr Abdullah highlighted the potential for hundreds of trained individuals from the province to secure honoura­ble employment annually in the Korean market due to this joint effort. He proposed establish­ing an institution under TEV­TA, mirroring the OEC, to aid skilled graduates from technical training institutions in securing overseas opportunities.

During his visit to the Govern­ment Technical and Vocational Center in Peshawar, Dr. Abdul­lah reviewed training processes and visited the language centre.

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