Lahore struggles amidst smog crisis

The city of Lahore in Pakistan is grappling with severe smog-re­lated issues, making it challenging for citizens to breathe. The dense smog is causing various health problems, including heart disease, lung cancer, pneumonia, tubercu­losis, and respiratory issues.

Additionally, poor visibility due to the smog has led to increased accidents, prompting the closure of the Lahore motorway for pub­lic safety. The Motorway Police advises drivers to avoid unneces­sary travel and use front and rear fog lights when driving in such conditions.

While temporarily closing roads may ensure public safety, it is not a permanent solution to the smog problem. Authorities and the gov­ernment need to address the root causes of smog, such as industri­al emissions, coal burning, and improper waste disposal. Shift­ing industries away from densely populated areas and implement­ing strict regulations on the use and disposal of fossil fuels, plas­tics, and other materials are es­sential steps.

To achieve a lasting solution, alter­native sources for fulfilling the city’s needs should be explored. This ap­proach will contribute to cleaner air, benefiting not only Lahore but also other cities worldwide.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt