Urban surge

Urbanisation is the process of people moving from rural ar­eas to cities, posing a global chal­lenge. In the 1950s, 70% of peo­ple lived in rural areas, but this has changed due to factors like in­dustrialization and globalisation. Pakistan is the 6th most urbanised country, with 34% living in urban areas. A 2017 survey predicts a 3% growth rate in urbanisation by 2050, reaching 250 million peo­ple in cities. Cities like Karachi, La­hore, and Quetta have experienced significant growth.

For an area to be declared urban, it needs municipal facilities, hospi­tals, corporations, schools, and col­leges, with a minimum population of 5,000. The criteria include 400 people within one kilometre, and 75% of the population engaged in non-agricultural occupations.

In essence, urbanisation involves people moving from rural to ur­ban areas for improved econom­ic opportunities or education. This trend is increasing and may double in the future, including in Pakistan.



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