According to a disconcerting statistics, the drone attacks on our soil increased by 130 percent in the previous year. The year 2010 is rightly called, The Year of Drone Attacks. The month of September of the last year was the worst in which 21 drone attacks were held that claimed 145 lives. The beginning of the year 2011 was also horrendous as the American drones showered the New Years gift to us with missiles by their unmanned Predators that killed 15 persons in 3 different attacks on the very first day of the year. According to an estimate, 2043 people have been killed by the drones since the year 2004. The quirk of the circumstances is that there are no signs of an end to this brazen violation of our territorial integrity and sovereignty. Even if this popular version is accepted that there was a tacit agreement between Musharraf and Bush to allow the drone attacks, the present regime who has been at the helms of affairs for more than three years must solemnly lodge a protest with the Obama administration to end the nauseating killings. I wonder as to why the Supreme Court of Pakistan has not taken suo motto notice of the drone attacks which speak volumes of the complete failure of our foreign policy. It is sufficient enough to disturb ones equanimity that no serious attempts have been made by anyone in Pakistan to stop this American barbarity. Only half hearted statements of condemnation are made by the president and the prime minister after each drone attack. It is worth mentioning that all the Americans are not bellicose. There are many who sincerely oppose the American governments excesses. I am all praise for the American Civil Liberties Union that filed a suit against President Barack Obama last year wherein the legality of the drone attacks has been challenged. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, February 5.