KARACHI (Agencies) - Former Test skipper of Pakistan, Salman Butt, said on Saturday evening that he along with the other two Pakistani cricketers banned by the independent tribunal of the International Cricket Council (ICC) are ready to appear before Westminster Court of Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) on March 17. He was talking exclusively to The Sports Encounter after Michael Beloff-led ICC independent tribunal announced to ban the Pakistani trio for five years at Qatari financial hub, Doha. Salman Butt revealed that the ICC still doesn't have any concrete evidences against the three Pakistani cricketers and the verdict was based only on the television footages of the no-balls bowled by M Asif and M Aamir. He further stated that he as well as the other two cricketers are ready to face the music ahead of the CPS on March 17 and after its decision he will decided whether to go to International Court of Arbitration for Sports.