Over the past few decades, the patterns of ascendancy to power appear similar in the sense that 'career politicians have been forced to the sidelines by the people stepping in from 'everyday, mundane professions. Without going too far, an example is that of Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who earned the name Shortcut Aziz because of his rise from a career devoted to banking. However, if we trot the globe, there are myriad examples of heads of state, who had never planned to lead their peoples. This includes, without being limited to, the Philippines Mrs Cory Aquino (who was a housewife); Rajiv Gandhi of India (who was a serving commercial pilot); Ronald Reagan, ex-President of the US (an average Hollywood film actor), and so forth. In fact, to illustrate the point further, Italy has even had porn stars been voted into Parliament It is quite easy then to subscribe to the point that wherever seasoned politicians failed, 'ordinary folk emerged to lead their countries in quite an able manner. Naysayers doubt Imran Khans ability to occupy the PMs seat; he lacks necessary experience; he married a Jewish lady; and other such gibberish. If we look around, people of lesser wit have perhaps led more thorny countries: President George W Bush is on record for having made mistakes like most of our imports are from overseas. This despite about 40 aides going through his speeches before he delivered them to the audience People with lesser experience have also been in the corridors of power: Arnold Schwarzenegger - a first generation American was the Governor of California. Why look for far-flung examples: The US voter has even allowed a black gentleman to be their President - a feat no one could have dreamt of until the Illinois Senator actually became the President Elect The most important factor that goes in Imrans favour is that he is not known to have plundered national wealth; thus, he is not corrupt. He has a visible track record of public and community service, even without holding a seat. While everyone else has had a shot at power - some parties even thrice in quick succession - Imran has been silently contributing to the nation in one manner or another. While other parties follow the dogma of divide and rule, and hold the visions of their respective leaders as their manifesto, Imran does tend to speak of the Founding Fathers ideologies. Plus, he has always put his money where his mouth is. Imran belongs to the middle-class: He is neither an industrialist, nor a feudal lord. He understands us, and we understand him. He is a writer, philanthropist, successful sports icon, internationally acclaimed socialite, and so forth. With such credentials, just to name a few, there is little wonder that there is no biography on any of our current politicos, whilst there are several on him. It is not inconsequential that whenever Imran has stood up for a noble cause, the nation has banded around him without hesitation - and history is witness to this fact. He is a visionary, almost prophetic - SKMT Hospital, a college in his ancestral village, the appeal to make judiciary strong as well as independent, and most recently the call to relieve our suffering economy from the external debt burden. These are just a few of the causes he has taken up ahead of his times. The international media have repeatedly stated that he is the only Pakistani leader, who is completely beyond any external pressure, such as that of the US regime. Is it possible for lmran to provide food, health care, education to the common man? And also reduce corruption and the flouting of laws? Well, to some extent, he already has. Moreover, with a large canvas he appears to be well positioned to deliver even more, and that too, exponentially. The only demand of Pakistanis is that the top man be whistle clean, which he appears to be. As regards execution, the finer details can be delegated, as he always has done, to an inspired team - in this case his staff and the Cabinet. O countrymen, wherever you are, show me your might Come along and put up a fight, We all have to buckle up tight, To save our Pakistan from a sordid plight. Once again: All else having failed, Imran Khan should be allowed to run the country. The writer is a freelance columnist.