Iran, to some level, has agreed to legalise the presence of Afghan refugees there , senior officials in Afghan Foreign Ministry said. "We have discussed with Iranian officials to legalise all Afghan refugees there and they have agreed to some extent," said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmad Zaher Faqiri. Majority of Afghan asylum seekers live in neighbouring Pakistan and Iran, and unemployment, poverty and poor security are among the main reasons according to the United Nations. Once more Afghan officials called on Tehran to stop forcing out refugees during winter time. As anti-government protests continue for weeks in Egypt, officials Kabul said Afghan students in Egypt would be flown back home if they face any trouble there. Some other countries, fearing that Egypt turmoil would endanger the lives of students, have pulled out their students. Afghan embassy in Egypt has serious measures on hand. The embassy is in full contact with Afghan students, officials said. Afghanistan has around 220 students in Egypt.